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Coming April 22nd.

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In the heat of one white-hot Southern summer, Melody James will learn to let go, fight back, and let love lead the way.

Fresh off the high of college graduation, Melody James is back in her Podunk town. She needs a job, but first, she’ll spend a lazy summer with no agenda at all.

But life’s got other plans for Melody, ones she’d sooner ignore. When the next-door neighbor passes away, his son returns home to take care of his affairs. Thane Cohen hasn’t been home in ten years. The last time he was, someone accused him of murdering Melody’s parents. Now, after major efforts to recover his self-worth and start a construction company, Thane wonders if enough time has passed for him to clear his once good name.

At the time of the murders, Melody was the only person who didn’t believe Thane was responsible. But how could she even suggest otherwise when just about everyone in town was convinced of Thane’s guilt? Her brothers would never allow it. With…
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Hey y'all! Happy Tuesday. I hope you're all enjoying the week so far! I'm here to announce my newest contemporary romance novel GEORGIA PEACH,  which is the first book in the DIRTY SOUTH SERIES. I'm so excited about this, and I can't wait for this to release. I received my paperback copy last Friday and it's look great!

Tune in to my Facebook page for giveaways, release news and cover reveals! <3

Georgia Peach
(A Dirty South Novel #1)

Shelby Henry was easy.

At least that’s what the news reports said about her. In the spotlight as a result of her father’s hunting empire, Shelby was no stranger to publicity—the bad kind. After her brother’s death, her party-girl ways elevated her notoriety to an all-time high. A serious relationship soon became harder to find, because no one wanted to be associated with the town slut, even if she was rich. Or so she thought...
Cash Jenkins didn’t have time to date.
Being the CEO of a well-known deer-stand business occupied most…


I'M SO EXCITED to announce the re-release of my new-adult romance THERE WE'LL BE! This was one of my favorite romances I've ever written, so when I received my rights back a couple of years ago, I was a little bummed.

Although Maddox, my wild-child, was the reason I couldn't make my deadlines and market, I'D NEVER CHANGE THAT FOR THE WORLD, it is nice to see this available again!

I hope everyone enjoys! This will be available on AMAZON Kindle and AMAZON Paperback September 1st!


Respect your elders.
Stay off Sawyer property.
And don’t even think about that Sawyer girl…

Boone Cross was raised with three simple rules, and falling for Josie Sawyer broke every one of them. That is, until a year ago, when he ​did the unthinkable and she moved away.

Josie Sawyer never thought she’d be on a plane, flying back to Arkansas for the summer, only a year after her heart was crushed into a thousand pieces by the boy her parents forbade her to love. But ​her father is dying, an…

The truth of it all.....

So, it's been a few weeks since I've posted, but I have BIG news nonetheless! I've been offered a publishing contract for my recently written  New Adult Romance novel LEAD THE WAY (title subject to change.)

I've never written a romance novel under my real name, it's always been under a pen name. However, I feel like now is the time to come out of the pen name closet, and write I love to write, and I don't care if my small town reads it and talks about it.

You see, I grew up in a very small town of 800 people where if you did anything before noon they'd have something to talk about over lunch.

I worried for years about what my fellow townspeople would say behind my back if I openly wrote romance books, because yeah, they are naughty in some places, and yeah, I grew up in the south with a very religious community. In my head there were bad reviews to come and people staring when I came home to visit. Secretly calling me names of the not to respect…

A sad day for romance authors!

Yesterday I ran across the news that the RT Convention would be retiring immediately. That means no more RT convention every year, along with numerous of other projects that have blessed the romance community for decades!

I'm so sad to hear this. The last couple of years I haven't been able to go to the conventions because of the birth of my son. Now, I'll never get to go interact with those familiar faces, authors, and editors again. It's a sad day for all us romance editors, agents, authors and readers!

I wished briefly that it was all a joke and someone was playing a NOT funny game, but sadly it's not. Any thoughts on why their shutting down? Or opinions? I'd love to hear them!

If you want to read more about their shutting down, I'm pasting their link below!

Everyone have a wonderful weekend regardless of the sad news.

Favorite Heroes? What's yours?

I thought I would reach out to my readers today, hopefully we'll have some comments below. I live in the South, always have and most likely always will. There is something about a small sleepy town that you start to enjoy as you get older.

Most of my books are set in the South, but I'm reaching out to avid romance readers to see if you enjoy the southern setting, and the cowboy, Levi's and work boots thing?

What is your favorite type of hero?

Alpha male? 
Southern gentlemen? 
Southern Alpha? 
Men in uniform? 

What are my romance readers looking for in a new book? Drop me some comments below, and let me know!

Welcome Romance Lovers!

First off, I want to thank anyone who is reading this. I haven't had a blog in a long time due to having a baby who is now an active wild-child toddler, family, a husband and 

Over the past several years I've been writing romance novels under a pen name Alla Kar. For a while I did very well, and eventually published a couple of series through Swoon Romance where a couple of my novels were Amazon Best-Sellers. 

As I said earlier life happened and writing was put on the back burner of my life as I nurtured our son and found my way in life. God has provided me a job where I can still write, support my family and a daycare where I feel my son is well provided for, and is two minutes down the road from my job and home. 

So, now that my life has fallen into place, and I've been blessed, I've started writing again, but this time it's under my real name, hoping this will spark interest from family and friends, and increase my chances of people reading. 

My newest …